10 ways to get the maximum performance using LinkedIn for your company

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The benefits that your company can get through their presence and good management are indisputable LinkedIn, but perhaps we should focus on what we actually do to maximize the potential of this social network. It is not about creating a profile and let latent, but we must exploit all its possibilities and make it a good showcase to promote products and services. How to get it? With this little guide you ayudarmos to do so.

Guide Today companies in 10 steps

  1. Complete profile 100%  with corporate business information, such as the logo, a link to the website, a description of the services or specialties, and a good selection of keywords. Remember that LinkedIn has an internal search engine that users use to locate businesses or organizations, and choosing the right keywords posibilitarás your profile appears first on the list. Also, you can include all the information in a second language if you want to expand the reach and visibility of your page, or look up contacts in those other countries.
  1. Create quality content, current, relevant  and of interest to your potential customers. They can be original or third party content also share reference to the source. Remember that boredom is a bad counselor, so much care selecting and writing topics. Note that the profile of users, mostly professionals, is different than other social networks, so that would work in other formulas, such as infographics, here may go unnoticed. Intros will be crucial: if we fail to capture the user’s attention making it clear what the content, possibly they will not click on it. 
  1. Frequently publishes news and updates everything about the evolution of your company, recently completed projects, new partnerships, creative tips, new features or products, and everything shows that your business is active and serious.
  1. The publishing schedule of posts matters. Not only key what, but when. It is better to publish on weekdays, as weekends the number of clicks on the contents of this network is reduced.
  1. The format also matters, so you ‘ll need to add links, images and videos. It may be interesting to include small survey questions or to make users interact. We may use this information as brief market research quality, the fact made a target that really interests us.
  1. Create a group that revolves around a specific interest related to your work area or industry. If you can connect your business with a theme that includes other persons will generate activity, and make members know more about your company. You ‘ll have to decide whether to make a closed or open group. If it is closed, the target will be more limited and specific, but can leave potential customers regardless of content and updates that you can offer them. If open, the comments generated help you get a better position in Google.

From the groups we can send announcements , emails that are sent directly to each of the followers. It will be important to include the following elements: an initial greeting, a brief introduction about the company and the product or service you want to promote a more complete description of the offer with content that promotes interaction (visit a website, attend a conference , make a purchase, etc.), the farewell and a call to the secondary action for those who are not interested in the main offer. It is allowed only one shipment a week.

  1. Participates in other groups in your sector. It is not filled with spam with messages about the activity of your business but to contribute to a conversation that creates real ties and to attract potential buyers.
  1. Expand your connections between them may be your potential customers. One way to do this without being annoying is inviting other members of the groups that participate to relate to you.
  1. It attracts customers through recommendations. LinkedIn offers the possibility of recommending people. If you recommend other professionals may return you care. You can also get referrals from satisfied consumers who are the best source of new customers. 
  1. Put up an ad campaign with LinkedIn Ads if the budget allows. It supports text format, combining text and images or videos. It is especially useful for companies B2B ( business to business ) because it can correctly identify the target of each organization to segmenting by sector, position held every professional or type of company where he works.

Within your online strategy, which may include the presence on LinkedIn, will must not forget that the base is the establishment of measurable objectives and monitor the results to see if we are going in the right direction. If we have market presence, if we generate more quality traffic to our website or blog and ultimately, if we increase trade opportunities, we have possibly done our goal.