10 Tips to Boost Your Blog Posts

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It does not help create a blog if it does not achieve its primary goal, is not it? And the main purpose of a blog is to generate traffic, visits through its content and of course, make money online.

Many users and bloggers give up this activity by not achieving good results and this explains precisely because there is no well – defined objectives or even minimal planning. To launch an online project you need to choose well the company will provide the service of web hosting , create marketing strategies and take good care of your content!

Thinking about it, in today’s article we elaborate 10 important tips to help you be more successful and drive your blog posts.

1-Know where it comes from your audience

People have different opinions and views of the same subject and identify this relationship is essential to make money online with your posts. Knowing your audience is the first step to boost the visitors of your blog and ensure more quality traffic.

As an example, you can use tools to identify such information. The Google Analytics is an excellent choice and one of the most used to measure and analyze the blogs and websites traffic.

Knowing exactly who your audience is easier to plan your strategy and tailor your content based on preferences of their audience.

2-Post relevant and original content

This is a tip somewhat obvious it is the main goal of any blog, but it is not an easy task. Post relevant and original content is very difficult in the long term due to the shortage of subjects.

The main tip is to try to seek new business on a particular niche and avoid talking about the same things that competitors already say. The really relevant content should bring new information and approaches that have not been explored. It is difficult, we know, but this is the differential.

3-Optimize your content for search engines

Once you have planned and set the frequency of posts is the time to think about optimizing the content. How much easier to be found, more visits your blog will have and that is why the optimization techniques should be prioritized.

Below we separate some basic tips to help you in this task. Check out:

  • use keywords throughout the text;
  • create short titles and concise paragraphs with clear explanations;
  • insert links from other sites on your blog;
  • use subtitles with the keyword;
  • invest in the metadata and optimize on page .

4-establishes a frequency of posts

The periodicity is part of the success of any blog. At this point it is very important to create a plan with the corresponding dates for each posting to not get lost in the frequency of posts.

The frequency of posts also helps educate your audience and keep her captive for longer as know in advance the days of threads creates certain “commitment” and anticipation in your readers.

5- Using Guest Posts is a good idea

Invite someone to write on your blog or be invited to write in third blog is an excellent idea to generate traffic. This strategy is very worthwhile to perform for new audiences and attract new readers.

If you want to invest in guest post , the trick is to select other blogs that are interesting and that relate to the subject and thereby establishing a parallel content strategy. So you have visitors from all parties.

6 Link building will never go out of style

The links serve as a “vote of confidence” that serve as reference other blogs. The ” link” another page in your word you’re saying to the reader that that link is trustworthy and deserves to be read.

Google evaluates links by several factors in the text being:

  • authority site or blog linked
  • the occasion and the context in which the link appears
  • the quality of links that your blog gets

In addition to these factors there are many others that are important to the strategy of link building as the quality of the referenced content and pagerank to the blog or website has.

7-social networks are always a good strategy

Social networks hold great emphasis on generating traffic because people are often connected in their social profiles.

Depending on the relevance and quality of your content you can get more traffic to your blog thanks to easy sharing. The connections that social networks promote is a great way to boost your posts and give visibility to your blog.

8-Be present in communities and forums on your area of ​​expertise

This is a very effective tactic, but little used by bloggers and users. To participate in virtual communities and forums you can boost your postings to answer questions that arise or disseminating the content in these environments.

But the important thing is to focus on groups and forums that are related to your area of ​​expertise or at least dealing with similar matters.

Communities and groups on social media can also be good options to boost your content, in order to ease these tools offer.

9 Invest in co-marketing

The co-marketing is an excellent strategy to improve the results of your blog or website. By producing content with other companies or brands you boost not only threads but also your personal or your company image.

The joint production also serves to reach new audiences by leveraging the audience of the partner company. very worth it!

10-Invest in other content formats

Internet is very common to think that the content is text only. Maybe it’s because the content will be present in all blogs and be the easiest way to produce.

But this thinking is wrong and ends up reducing the quality and potential of your project. There are several types and content formats that can be explored beyond the text as:

  • Videos;
  • infographics;
  • podcasts;
  • reviews;
  • interviews;
  • lists;
  • Case studies;


There are many alternatives to boost their posts and that it is possible to go beyond simple text. Try new formats and allow your audience has a good impression with your content. Success on the Internet is linked to several key factors to reach your target audience and exceed the expectations. 

But if you’re here to begin his career in the digital world and still not know where to start, contact our support team to receive the first guidelines on how to start your online project!