10 tips for writing and posting your first blog post

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Platform web hosting chosen site created with ease , blog all ready and structured, well thought out design and now that comes the tricky part: writing and publishing your first post on the blog. But what to write? How to write? Who will read? What subject? Relax, we’ll help you! Follow the tips in this article and see how it will be easy to structure your first post quite rightly.

Tip 1 – Be you

Surely you’ve read several blogs and pictures with the same number of readers who have the other, love the kind of language that blogger or the way you write and treats the public. While it is a fan of another blog, do not copy. Use it as inspiration to create your.

These great blogs began one day as well as his. No “bombaram” from day to night. And it continues today, as they are true to their essence, their language and interaction with readers. So try to be you when writing, set a language to talk to your readers and the few visits will identify the true face of your blog.

Tip 2 – Know your reader

Who do you want to write? For the young 15, 16 years? Or the businessman in the finance industry? Define your audience is very important, because with this you can adjust the language and approach of the blog topics. Follow this pattern from the first post, show empathy and an editorial line, that way your reader will be able to understand the real purpose of your blog.

Tip 3 – Relevant Content

Nothing is worth a beautiful blog if the content is not up to it. If you want to write about a subject, for example, “Films that did not deserve to have won Oscar”, do a search and see before criticisms already made movies. Before writing about any subject, deepen it and always write with full ownership. Show that you have knowledge and bring referrals.

Tip 4 – Images and Videos

Using pictures and videos is a great gimmick to attract the reader to be interested on a particular subject. Besides leaving your lighter content, an image or a video can explain or add more information to the reader than just the written text.

Tip 5 – Good references

Search quality referrals to say on any topic. Other authors and sites also saying about it will make your blog more relevantly and further affirm his words.

Tip 6 – SEO

A good way to keep your blog always ahead in the polls is to make use of SEO techniques. If you do this from the very first blog post, it will help you a lot over time. Make use of keywords, use tags and links, so the search engines will be able to find your content more easily.

Tip 7 – Share content with other bloggers

Be friends of their friends bloggers. Review and also share content from others. A good networking will only help you keep known and disseminate further your blog. Invite a friend who is “beast” on a particular subject and ask them to publish a post on your blog. Ah! You should also do the same on other blogs.

Tip 8 – Structuring

All content has a beginning, middle and end, just as you learned in school. So always write that way, do not let your reader confused. He needs to read on the subject, understand it, and can still pass on what they learned from you.

Tip 9 – Read aloud

Review! Do not forget to do a review. grammatical errors or typing may cast doubt on the credibility of its content. A good tip is to read your text aloud. See if it makes sense you read and is easily understood by your reader.

Tip 10 – Monitoring

The do post work goes much further than just posting. You need to monitor the impact of it. Not only the comments on the blog, but also on social networks. Keeping active and always say hello to your readers, will only make them more loyal to your page.

How to publish your first post

Within your main blog panel, there is a tab called “post.” There you will enter your text (you can type directly into this tool) and also insert images over content.

After structuring all this part, you can click on “view blog” before publishing it effectively. So you will have a sense of fitting the first blog page and see if it does not generate any formatting error. typesetting errors are fairly common, and it only harms the image of your blog, because nobody wants to read a content image without fit perfectly to the text block, or contain other spacings on an information and another. So always try to review this section before publishing.

One thing can also happen is that even after you publish content, you’ve left something behind or want to rewrite part of the text, insert or exchange images, for example. You can make these changes easily even after it has aired. Enter the tab “threads” again and then “edit” and so change that is needed.


Add all this information and write a good text on your blog now it’s easy, is not it? Study your audience, set a language to talk to him and do not forget, your blog is not a simple place where you post and days later put something again. It is a tool that should always be fed.

Create a post routine, keep a journal is very important not only to keep it alive, but also to create umvínculo with your reader. Your reader needs to know that you have the blog seriously and has responsibility for it. Consider these tips as they surely will make a difference in the time to write and publish your first blog post. Stay on top of our tutorials to monitor all relevant issues for your online project.