10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate

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Everyone want to succeed and make money, thus becoming an affiliate is the key to earn extra money simply promoting a product that you love to use. The Hostinger offers you a way to earn 100% commissions from their sales.

Whether you are new to the subject, we are here to help you become successful in a short time. We made a list of our best practices compiled over the years.

Think like a visitor

Our first and most essential tip for success is: think the visitor’s perspective of your website. Anyone who comes to your website will have more chances to be convinced if you provide them the given reasons why they should buy the services of Hostinger . Offering some key points puts the prospective buyer in a way of pre-sales, building your interest and attracting to the Hostinger products. What is the easiest way to do this? Well, that brings us to the second step: writing a review.

Write a genuine review

Above posting advertising in your sidebar, write a review creates a better chance for users to convert. To write a good review that attracts people towards the product, you do not need to be a professional writer. It is true! All you need is to share their actual experience, tell your visitors what you really like about the product and what makes it stand out to others. For example: You had some remarkable experience with support care or liked how easy to use interface is? This is the right call to develop a successful review. Your review need not be long, as long as it conveys to your visitors why they should choose Hostinger.

Use your blog

Use your blog

If you do not have a blog, let’s start creating one. You can create a blog in WordPress easily by its hosting of Hostinger . If you find difficult, we have a very good base tutorials, that way you can have a deeper knowledge about the product you are offering. You can also create your blog through platforms like blogger.com, totally free of charge.
Now you’re ready to go, it’s time to create your review. If you are good at writing, we recommend you make a more elaborate review, in a longer or posting multiple posts that are related to hosting. Not all your posts necessarily need to be on the Hostinger. Topics including blogging, online stores, to tutorials on creating and developing websites may be of interest to visitors.

Content Creation

When working on your posts, focus on creating and engaging your content. Writing their own reviews and posts related to hosting sites you will place focus your keywords. SEO today is extremely important to have a good written articles with the key words indicated, to have a greater possibility of new visitors accessing your item via search engines. Select popular keywords related to hosting sites and Hostinger and create content that can not go unnoticed.

Join forums and edit your signature

By joining the popular forums and make their contributions to those communities, you have a better chance that more people see your affiliate links. All you need to do is access your account and simply edit your ‘signature’. You can link the signature to your affiliate link or better yet, to your review or posting on Hostinger. Thus, the continuously exposed people to your link and suggestions on the forum, and you will not win just more traffic to your website, but also more conversions that will generate better commissions.

Create a newsletter

Create a newsletter is always a good idea if you already have a list of subscribers. There are two good options to choose from:
Write a newsletter to your readers telling about our services and what you most appreciate them. Include an affiliate link in that email.
Write a newsletter that you include a story about your website and add the affiliate link, or a link to a review on your blog. If you can, include both! * Note: We do not tolerate any kind of spam activity.

Video Reviews

If you have YouTube, Vimeo or any other video channel, you can create a video regarding the web hosting Hostinger services and tell their personal experience with them. It’s like writing a review, but in another format. You do not even need a professional camera to do this, you can create a video using your mobile phone, as long as the video to connect with your visitors. non-professional videos are even more receptive, because they seem more genuine.

Make your website available on mobile

With smartphones almost becoming substitutes for computers, people often visit your site from their mobile phones. Hence the importance of having not only content but also engaged a mobile version of your website. Do not have a mobile version can cause the loss of potential long-term customers, and also users who will eventually make more money.

Stay tuned in trends

Stay tuned in trends

Affiliates have the advantage of always being forward with news and benefits of writing related content. Google Trends is a great tool for you to find any topic on the rise. Based on them, you can create content that tracks your time, related to hosting sites and that will help more visitors. Google Trends has a good feature categories that aims to find topics related to a specific industry.

Do not be afraid to experiment

Finally, one of the most important tips: Do not be afraid to experiment. Every website is unique and has a unique range of visitors Try different combinations with sizes and quantity of different banners and find the perfect match for your site. Do not be afraid to be creative: Try different topics, layouts, etc. – the sky is the limit! Take these tips and apply right now in our Affiliate Program and start earning money online.