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We talked about in the blog Digital Results to have its own website is essential part for a Digital Marketing strategy focused on results. Because it is through this channel that you will pass the necessary credibility to your visitors and, by extension, gain authority in the market, expand their business, sell their products.

However, during the process of creating the site, which involves defining the layout and content creation, it is common that some of it is neglected: they are the pages on (or, in English, about pages), which have order to give a general idea about your business, its mission and values. And that’s why even though we believe that about pages are among the most important site.

To create a good page is about must first find out the identity of your business. If you do not have one yet, read the post using the voice and tone of your brand in the production of content to find out how your company can express yourself authentically and connect with the right personas.

To help you in this task of creating a good page about, we selected 10 examples of Digital customers results for you inspiration.

1.  Fruit Time

Fruit Time provides fruits and healthy snacks for enterprise environments, and to explain how your business, put a video on the about page.

The animation explains how to order, how the products and how the company that hired the service receives are selected, and give an idea about the mission and values ​​of the fruit Time.

This feature is interesting for complex or new businesses, which are not yet known to the general public.

2. aliv

The aliv is a brand of products and aromatherapy cosmetics – as essential oils and diffusers.

In his about page, the creator Monica Xavier tells the story of aliv a very personal way: first person, she says that the taste for natural products began in childhood, influenced by the predominantly female family, and that in the future, took this learning to their own brand.

The three simple paragraphs, written by the very founder, give visitors to the site a sense of closeness and well reflect the brand personality, which “carries in its essence the proposal to treat skin and body with pure substances, products free synthetic, petroleum and preservatives “.

3. Alaska

Digital Marketing Company Alaska left side of business jargon in your about page: on the contrary, the language used is simple and straightforward.

On the page, you can quickly know which areas the company operates and the services it offers. This is important, because it is precisely what a user expects when visiting this page – if it does not find the information you search, it is likely to leave the site without knowing if need your product or service.

4. The Great School

The company that defines itself as “a school of the things that are not learned in school” let the students themselves talk about their experience on the page.

This helps to provide credibility, after all, it is easier to rely on own customers, who have experienced the product or service, rather than in the voice of the company.

Include customer reports in the page on can give visitors a more realistic view and based on your business.

5. Affero Lab

The page on the Affero Lab, which the company calls “philosophy”, draws attention to break the mold.

Are ten very color photos with captions that have the purpose and the company’s history focused on education.

visual content are easy to absorb and usually work well on the Internet. Therefore, it is worth thinking about ways to use more content with this kind of appeal to have an about page that runs from the classic text format.

6. Nad’arte

The solution found by Nad’arte gym contains several elements considered good in a about page: Account of the purpose, history, mission, vision and values ​​of the company briefly, but informative.


The about page Commercial and Industrial Association of Campinas (ACIC) was divided into three topics: “who we are”, “what we do” and “how to associate” – so the visitor can go straight to the topic that most interests .

The page also realizes other subjects, each identified by a pictogram such as history, local and regional influence, among others.

8. I love being a mother

The page about the online store I love being a mother (currently off air) also leaves out the formal language that some companies try to play.

The page shows the people behind the company through photos and text, which humanizes the company.

This informal voice is something to take into consideration when building your about page, depending on your business.

9. Canna Agency

The Agency Canna brings data to talk about the personality of the company, besides presenting the staff and list of awards won.


The page of AIESEC account the purpose and history of the organization through a time line that makes the most enjoyable and scannable reading.

And you know any page about inspiring or has one on your website? Share with us in the comments!

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