10 Digital Marketing Actions for Your Ecommerce to Sell More on Father’s Day

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Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day: what date you believe that had higher sales in ecommerces last year?

Despite the profit increase annually for all these dates, one result is surprising: Father’s Day is no longer a secondary billing date for ecommerce and exceeded two celebrations that were considered major retail sales peaks for many years.

According to data of Ebit company , which conducts research on habits and trends of e-commerce in Brazil, in 2016 the turnover of ecommerces at the time of Father ‘s Day was R $ 1.76 billion – 12% more compared to the previous year .

There are more people buying online, which also means a greater effort of brands to win the attention and consumer preference on the web. And in this scenario, the Digital Marketing helps create identification, solve problems and to develop customized benefits to the public.

To help you in the creation of Digital Marketing actions for your ecommerce sell more , we selected content ideas for different stages of the buying journey:

1. Blog: 10 gift tips for Father’s Day

Choosing a gift is the first challenge of the day. According to data from Google Trends , the search for “this Father’s Day” has its peak between the last week of July and first week of August.

Make a selection with its products sold in the same period last year, talk about its benefits and advantages, and use real good product images.

google trends Father's Day

2. Blog: Ideas to honor his father on Father’s Day

In Google searches, we see a volume growth for “creative gift” and “DIY” (do it yourself, or do it yourself) related to gifts.

Enjoy the trend and create emotional engagement with the reader by giving tips that may include your product, but they are an unforgettable experience between parents and children.

If you sell wine, for example, can be an invitation to a picnic with family on Father’s Day.

3. Blog: The best gifts of up to $ 100 for his father

Your client may not even know what to order, but usually already know the budget available for the present.

Create lists suggestions by price range can be very interesting for this audience.

4. Guide to download: Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Packed for Father’s Day theme, you can create a material that is, and relevant to your audience, more complete.

Make Landing Page to capture the data of potential customers and make available it its rich content.

You can even suggest discounts for those you download. This is a great way to generate Leads .

5. Quiz: What gift has his father’s style?

The quiz is a more relaxed option to increase its base, generate engagement with the public and, for good measure, recommend products to your store.

You can use a lighter language and results suggest products of your brand or store that have more to do with a father’s specific profile.

6. Landing Promotional Page: Tell your favorite memory with your father and you could win a kit of products

Sales promotions are super frequent those dates and serve mainly to building and strengthening the mailing list .

An easy idea to perform is to create a Landing Page to perform a cultural contest and release it on social networks .

Better still if you can invest in Google AdWords to reach more people.

7. Email with product selection: Do you want a variety of existing products for gift on Father’s Day?

To heat customers who are already at its base and already know your brand, we return to the idea of ​​assisting in the purchase decision, creating a special selection of products for that date.

Select the best products and do not forget to offer discounts or free shipping.

8. offer Email 2 in 1: Fathers Day – special discounts for you and your father

Not all companies have full access of their clients to know what they are or are not parents.

So how to make the date to extend a discount benefit with this theme?

A two in one offer can increase the ticket purchase, using the trigger “get off and take a single delivery for you and your father.”

9. Email targeted to parents: You, who is the father, he deserves a special discount

If you know which of your customers are parents, you can create a special offer as a way to commemorate the date.

In this case, you attack the audience that would not necessarily consuming, but it can come to buy encouraged by the offer.

For details on how to read the post Segmentation: how to generate better results by sending fewer emails .

10. Promotional Email: For parents and children – exclusive discount for parents who are still applicable to the child day

According to Google Trends, the first searches for “this Father’s Day” starts near the Mother’s Day. So why not take the time and create a bond with the repurchase?

If your product mix allows, for example, which is purchased a gift for Children’s Day or Christmas in your store, an idea is to create an exclusive discount for that next purchase.