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Reports and further analysis reports, in-depth studies of competitors, several meetings with the design team and ready: his incredible home page is in the air!

One day, two days … three days later and the traffic is booming, but the number of conversions is far from expected.

Yes, this is a common problem and does not only happen in your company.

Create a home page that sale alone your solution is a huge challenge.

But the good news is that there are 10 factors that directly influence the conversion of your visitors and you can review right now on your home page to apply them as soon as possible!

Come on?

1. Answer the “who am I”, “what I do” and “what you can do here”

A company with a well-known brand like Coca-Cola can even afford to create a more creative home page and full of subjective meanings.

But if it’s not your case, your company must be attentive to answer mainly these three questions.

An example for clarity:

  • About Me:  consulting firm;
  • What I do: business management consulting;
  • What you can do here:  hiring an internal or external management consulting, leadership, processes (and other services) to improve the results of your company.

This information need not be written this way, this is a summary of what would need to be presented in the creation of your home page.

2. “Do not make me think”

Already I say Steve Krug, usability expert and author of the bestseller “Do not make me think: A common sense approach to Web usability”  (free Portuguese “Do not Make Me Think: A common sense approach to usability on the Web”) .

This phrase sums up the unconscious ordinary user behavior: they do not like puzzles!

Your website should be as clear and objective as possible and the information should be easy to find.

Users must know what to do on the home page of your site in seconds, if not, you can be sure that they’ll end up clicking the dreaded “X” browser.

3. Create Killer Headlines

This is perhaps one of the most important tips that content. Resuming we have said before, your user needs to know instantly (without much thought) what your company does and what its differential (value and purpose).

To get easier this exercise, consider two factors to build your headline:

Functionality + Value

Let’s see some examples on this concept?

Site home page Rico

The Rico  is a FinTech which promotes ease of investing money wisely (and of course, help from their advisors).


Site home page of Supersonic

We at Supersonic, we work with conversion rate  and sales without investing anything more in funding paid traffic.

Ie improve the rate of visitors into customers.


Site home page Nfe.io

The Nfe.io  develops automation software issuing invoices, saving a lot of time financial staff.

Home page Iná Site Architecture

The Iná architecture  simplifies the process of reform of an apartment taking care of all tasks.


Site home page Book Tree

The Book Tree  is a digital platform with a huge collection of books and a number of features to help teachers encourage reading in schools.


Site home page MasterClass

The site of the MasterClass  says exactly what they do (and what you can) with a powerful headline: “Online Classes taught by the great minds of the world.”

And right next to the picture of a great specialist in the field, as in the example, Martin Scorsese.


We hope that with these samples has become clearer how to build the headline of the website home page linking functionality and pro user value.

4. Use techniques Copywriting

You know when you read a text that speaks of both its reality it looks until it was written for you? This is copywriting.

To define the concept, which is Copywriting ?

“Copywriting is writing with commercial focus, which operates in conscious and subconscious levels on the player to generate more sales (or conversions) through technical writing and persuasion psychology.”

We brought an overview of techniques for you to apply at the time of creating the home page of your site:

  • Bring the reality of their pro text user. Returning to the example of Nfe.io, they help in the automation of tedious tasks to save time. Who does not want to get rid of boring, repetitive tasks?
  • Use simple, objective and direct words.
  • Make sentences of up to 60/80 characters and paragraphs of no more than 3 lines. This helps to let the fluid and objective text.
  • Be useful to the reader. Include data, cases  and real examples, practical information, tips and whatever is necessary to create an informative and without ado content.
  • Use images to break the content or leave the more playful and less burdensome information. Explain a flow chart picture can be much simpler than in text.
  • Include testimonials from companies or other forms of social proof to generate the feeling of belonging to a community in user
  • Insert elements that prove the authority of your company. Awards, famous guests, quotes in major newspapers and media that give enhancement to your home page.
  • Remember to choose well your Call-to-Actions (CTAs) . The colors and the argument that micro text can make all the difference in conversion rates.

Try implementing these concepts on your home page to gain the trust of your visitors and generate more conversions.

5. Create your home page (and other pages) adaptable to mobile devices

Recently, Google announced that it will prioritize the search results sites that have better adaptation to mobile devices .

What does that mean? Google has an index to prioritize the content that will appear in the first results. How many people come to Google for mobile devices, the seeker will then prioritize the sites that are already adapted for mobile.

Besides giving that forcinha in your rankeamento, build a site that is ideal for navigation for mobile will only facilitate the user’s life and hence increase your website conversion potential.

See more Google recommendations on best practices to apply the version of your mobile site.

6. Understand what your users expect from their company

Add the home page of your site to answer possible questions and objections that your prospect may have.

To do this, benefit is the SEO tools  and understand related terms that lead its user to your site or client.

To do this study, we recommend the use of two tools

  • Use SEMRush  to identify the terms that lead to the home page of your competitor. Simply include the home link in the main field of tool they will return to the list of keywords that site that positions your home.
  • Then explore these terms and extend further its database keywords  with Google Keyword Planner .

The idea is you create a database of keywords that will be used to create the content of your home page. Since the primary keyword to the secondary that will fill the text.

7. A / B tests

What takes more: a shorter and direct page or longer and informative page? Images of real or original illustrations people? Buttons in red or blue?

It is common to have these and other questions when creating your home page. The truth is that there is no right answer, so we always advise to do A / B testing  to take the evidence of these challenges using real data.

Do not let this next step. Always be testing the page changes to optimize your results.

Enjoy and check out the Test Guide A / B , a material with everything you need to know to optimize your conversion rates based on experiments.

8. Hire a good hosting service

If we were to count the number of times a site goes down or has an error because of the accommodation … would not fit in the hands!

So, search well and choose a hosting  confidence to your website and blog.

Not worth losing those visitors that your marketing team both struggled to attract because of an outsourced service malfunctioning.

9. Always have the contact a developer

Of course we do not want something to happen to your website, but it is the maxim: prevention is better than cure.

Always good to have the contact a professional who can solve (fast) possible problems with the site. Sometimes installing a simple plugin can mess up your website design or even cause errors on the page.

In fact, this is not a factor that will influence more in the conversion of your website, it’s a good practice to not lose money.

Therefore, always keep the contact a trusted developer for unforeseen not influence the conversion rates of your home page.

10. Evaluate the performance of your website

There, the new home page of your site is in the air! All right? It will be?

When managing a site, or to a page or blog posts, always recommend that you regularly (3 in 3 months) you assess the site’s performance indicators.

Some of them are: load time, page errors, server response time, among others.

For this analysis, we suggest two tools in addition to generating a report with a score from 0 to 100 the performance of your site, it also indicates what are the points of improvement and how to make the changes.

  • The GTmetrix  is a very complete tool that will look up the formatting of your site code to indicate improvement.
  • The famous Google PageSpeed Insights  that focuses more on load time, but it gives valuable tips too.

So, what do you think of these tips to create the home page of your site? There’s something else you do? Shares in the fields of the comments below.

This entry was written by Rafael Damasceno, co-founder of Supersonic , consulting focused on Conversion Optimization (CRO) that helps companies in Brazil and the United States to improve their websites to transform visitors into customers.